Saturday, August 16, 2008

AFSC Fun Bumper Sticker Challenge

Philadelphia - The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is attempting to divert attention away from its own apparent internal funds misappropriation and influence like-minded folk of left-wing politics how to spend other people's money by promulgating a query on its new bumper sticker.

How would YOU spend it?

The AFSC has also issued a challenge to all Quakers to answer this question in detail and email a picture of their car's rear bumper to allow the AFSC Board to evaluate who truly is the most devoted Quaker in America. Extra points will be given if the bumper photographed is one of the most expensive foreign-made hybrid models in vogue. The winner of the contest will be installed as the new Clerk of the AFSC Board as long as s/he is a birthright member of the 1960's Aquarian Generation. This award will reinforce the fact that the most weighty Friends are those Quaker ministers who wear their hearts on their sleeves and who similarly wear their religion/politics on their bumpers.

$720 Mil could get you a very nice swimming pool in your back yard, but we don't want anyone putting down personal preferences. The question, as are most Quaker questions, is rhetorical, again meant to appeal to the conscience of professional politicians who might happen to momentarily take their minds off being paid off by lobbyists, and somehow take notice of our desperately littered moving or parked cars.

It's possible that AFSC already ran an internal contest in how each staffer would spend earmarked trust fund money on other things - like the already excessive executive salaries?